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Communications Consultancy

Website Design & Development

Website Support Services

Pricing: Partnership Packages

My packages are designed around three levels of ‘partnership’. When I regularly work with your church it will be like you have hired an extra staff member, but you wont have the headache of payroll and HR! 🙂  

Church Communications Consultancy

Trying to understand communications in a post-pandemic world is exhausting! Deciding where to focus your resources can be one of the greatest challenges. During my consultancy services, I will guide you through a simple framework that will allow you to gain clarity. Together, we can streamline your church communications.

1: The Importance of Strategy

Unit 1: We will run through 7 essential principles of a church communications strategy that will guide us through all our other sessions.  

2: The WHY: Your Branding

Unit 2: Understanding your church’s identity.
Q: When people talk about your church, what do you want your church to be known for?

3: The HOW: Your Goals

Unit 3: Setting effective goals.
Q: How do you define ‘success’ in your church?

4: The WHO: Your Auidence

Unit 4: Storyboards & Persona Profiles
Q: How can you better get to know your wider community and church members?

Unit 5: ‘Next Steps’ & Journey Maps
Q: How can you move people toward more ‘life change’ in your church?

5: The WHAT: Your Messaging

Unit 6: Message Maps
Q: How can you focus your message?

Unit 7: Content Maps
Q: How can you contextualize your message?


6: The WHERE: Your Channels

Unit 8: Social Media
Q: How can your content keep your audience coming back for more?

Unit 9: Blog Posts
Q: Why are blogs important? How can you make them effective?

Unit 10: Your Church Website
Q: How can your website help you communicate?

7: The WHEN: Your Campaigns

Unit 11: Anatomy of a Campaign

Unit 12: Your Communications Toolkit

Have a Unique Project in Mind?

Pricing FAQ

My church needs a new website, what are my options?

RENT – I highly recommend that churches do not pay for software services like Squarespace or Wix. This is the equivalent of paying ‘rent’ each and every month. You will be limited in what you can do and you will never own your website.

BUY (SELF  BUILD) – I think churches should buy their website and view their website as a long-term investment, just like owning your own church building. Your website will be your ‘online building’ and it’s likely to be the first place your first-time guests will visit. An option is to buy a custom website using code (HTML & CSS). This is great but like hiring an architect and builder etc, building your own custom website from scratch can be extremely expensive! So, this is not a great option for most churches.

BUY (AN EXISTING HOME) – You will be pleased to know there is a more affordable way! I use software called WordPress. 35% of all websites on the planet are built using it! WordPress has all the ‘code’ foundations laid down for you meaning you can walk into your new website with all the major infrastructure (walls, roof etc) already built for you. Then, by using a ‘WordPress Theme’ you can choose your windows doors etc and decorate your space just how you want. I use a very popular WordPress Theme called ‘Divi’.
Note: Similar to many WordPress website designers, under my ‘Pay On-Demand’ pricing, I offer you the option to buy your website (your online church building) via a 50% deposit and then the final balance upon completion.

BUY (WEBSITE MORTGAGE) – In contrast to many other WordPress website designers, I can offer your church the option to pay a small deposit, and then pay off the remainder of your balance monthly. Think of this like a ‘Website Mortgage’ investment. But don’t worry, I won’t charge you any interest! 😁 I believe that this makes my pricing unique and one of the most affordable options available for churches in the UK.

FREE WEBSITE? – Ok, let’s do some quick math. Take a look at my PREMIUM Partnership Package. Yep! Considering you are getting 1 hour of Consultancy and my Website Service Agreement included (both worth £99.98), you are basically getting an entire website for FREE! or …  well, for the price of your initial deposit anyway! 😉 I believe this makes my PREMIUM Partnership one of the most affordable options for a church in the UK looking to invest in a new website. 

The ‘Divi Theme’ is actually what is known as a ‘Page Builder’. This means that if you want to knock some walls down and build an extension as your online presence grows; (ie: add, amend and build new pages etc) you can do this! Not a problem! Traditional WordPress Themes can be rigid and will not allow you to do this. Just one of the reasons why I love Divi! 


What if you just vanish one day?

Ok, I know we are not talking about the Rapture here! 🙂 I know this is a genuine concern. What if I one day decided to close down my business? What if I get run down by an Elephant?

All my services run on a rolling month contract so you will receive what you have paid for.. before any unexpected eventuality. Unless I got called to be with The Lord on the 1st day of the month, then you might be a bit unlikely! You would simply just need to cancel your standing order with your bank and then try and find someone who was as brilliant as me .. good luck with that!

No seriously, I have good business insurance that will cover all this stuff. It will all be in our contract.

Note: If you have purchased a website from me, there is also no need to worry. I will give you all the passwords and information you will need to hire someone else. WordPress is the most popular website software on the planet and I use ‘Divi’ which is the most popular WordPress Theme. You will have lots of options.  
* Purchase via ‘On Demand’: you will receive the ‘keys’ to your website upon final payment.
* Purchase via ‘Premium Partnership’: you will get the keys once you have paid your deposit and signed your repayment contract.  

What if my church can no longer afford it?

My ‘ESSENTIAL’ and ‘BASIC’ partnership packages operate on a 12-month contract but you can cancel at any time. You always have the option to move to ‘Pay On-Demand’.

With my PREMIUM partnership, you have the flexibility on a monthly basis to only pay for your monthly website payments. We can discuss a ‘payment holiday’ but I will ask that you pay off the total balance of your website repayments as we will agree to in your contract. (Just like you would a mortgage investment). In extreme circumstances, like a property repossession, I may need to take down your website if payments are not made.


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