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I’m Russell Horton

Church Communications Consultant. Owner of Trinity Grove Studios.

I’m passionate about empowering churches in the UK to better engage with their local community through digital outreach. Together, we can streamline your church communications.

Russell Horton - Church Communications Consultant

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About Me

I started Trinity Grove Studios in 2017 and I have never looked back. 

When my wife and I discovered that our son (Joshua) would be born with Down’s Syndrome we knew instantly that we wanted to change our lifestyle so that we could be around more to support his needs. We prayed, we waited.

‘Trust and Obey’ became our answer. I left my management role in the Civil Service and the Lord has been opening new doors ever since! I am humbled to be working part-time as Communications Officer for a large church in Birmingham. I am now using all my experience and skills to empower other churches in the UK to better engage with their local community through digital outreach.

How Can I Help Your Church?

Communications Consultancy

Does your church often spend weeks planning and publicising events through in-person conversations, e-mails, txt messages, Sunday service announcements, flyers,  weekly newsletter/bulletin articles, red arrow flyovers etc, only for people to turn round to you and say .. “when is that event again?” I  understand the frustration! and I have found a great solution!

Website Design & Development

The majority of newcomers to your church will first visit your website to determine if they want to contact or visit your church in-person. I make websites that leave a great first impression and that will help both your first-time visitors and existing members to take their Next Step. Your church website can be your greatest asset if it’s designed and used correctly.

Website Support Services

Is your church struggling with things like adding a Facebook Pixel to your website or getting Google Analytics setup? Can you quickly analyse your online engagement statistics? Struggling to embed ChurchSuite modules? Is your site being read by search engines correctly? Don’t know why you need any of these things? Don’t worry! I can help, every step of the way.

My Skills

Finding someone in your church who has all skills needed to ensure your church consistently communicates well, may be challenging! That’s why developing a partnership with me may be the perfect solution for your church. Together, we can streamline your church communications. 

  • Church communications strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Support services


Option 1: Pay On-Demand

Communications Consultancy

Website Design & Development

Website Support Services

Option 2: Partnership Packages

My packages are designed around three levels of 'partnership'. When I regularly work with your church it will be like you have hired an extra staff member, but you wont have the headache of payroll and HR! 🙂  

Let's Streamline Your Church Communications!

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